A dataset with more than 228,000 artworks from around 17,000 artists

Plot by Author

Life is full of surprises; until last Sunday, I wasn’t interested in Art at all

Photo by Dan Farrell on Unsplash

Why it is important whether as a startup or as an author and how I learned the lesson

While writing the article I found accidentally a surprising niche for ‘programming’

…and why it’s often not about ideas

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

4 reasons why should never build the whole product in one go

How to train a shallow neural network on top of an InceptionV3 model on CIFAR-10 within Docker on an AWS GPU-instance

  • Setup…

5 product ideas for Single Person Entrepreneurs

…or how to avoid the It-works-on-my-computer-but-nowhere-else-problem

Project report for training a MobileNetV1 based convolutional neural network (CNN) with only 14,000 images with transfer learning

I. Definition

Project Overview

Jens Laufer

Fascinated about Data Science, Software Development, Entrepreneurship, Sports and Traveling, http://jenslaufer.com

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