A dataset with more than 228,000 artworks from around 17,000 artists

Plot by Author

Life is full of surprises; until last Sunday, I wasn’t interested in Art at all

Photo by Dan Farrell on Unsplash

Why it is important whether as a startup or as an author and how I learned the lesson

While writing the article I found accidentally a surprising niche for ‘programming’

…and why it’s often not about ideas

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

4 reasons why should never build the whole product in one go

How to train a shallow neural network on top of an InceptionV3 model on CIFAR-10 within Docker on an AWS GPU-instance

5 product ideas for Single Person Entrepreneurs

…or how to avoid the It-works-on-my-computer-but-nowhere-else-problem

Project report for training a MobileNetV1 based convolutional neural network (CNN) with only 14,000 images with transfer learning

I. Definition

Project Overview

The “A picture is worth a thousand words” stresses how important images are in the modern world. The quality of images, e.g. influences our decisions in different domains. Especially in eCommerce, where we cannot touch things they are essential. …

Jens Laufer

Fascinated about Data Science, Software Development, Entrepreneurship, Sports and Traveling, http://jenslaufer.com

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